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In October 1978, at the British Motor Show, Lotus released a limited edition of the S2 Esprit to commemorate Mario Andretti winning the 1978 Formula 1 Constructor and Driver championships. Two cars (0491G & 0495G) were on display, they were finished in the black and gold colours of their F1 sponsor JPS; unfortunately once the cars were ready for sale JPS no longer sponsored the team so they could not be called JPS Esprits. Unnoficially they have become known as the "JPS"; however their correct name is the "World Championship Commemorative Model".

Each is individually numbered from 1 to 100 with 3 groups of cars built, one for the "Domestic" UK market, another for the "USA" and the remaining for the "Rest of World". "JPS" Esprits are easily distinguished by their gold wheels and "World Champion" stickers, along with gold window trim. Each car's "Commemorative Edition" number can be found on the rear upper quarter panel.

The interior features black leather with gold corduroy inserts on the seats, door panels and center armrest. A small plaque is fitted to each car; USA: on the glovebox lid and features Mario Andretti's signature, Domestic and Rest of World: just below the radio on the console with Colin Chapman's signature. All cars have a 3-spoke Momo wheel with Mario's name on it. Additionally all Federal spec cars have AC.

Lotus Limited Edition
ress Release

UK Domestic # 001 to 100,  99 built

USA # 001 to 100, 56 built

Rest of World # 001 to 100, 30 buil

Lotus Motor Show Press Release

UK & RoW
Plaque, 129 cars built Chapman signature

New York Magazine advert 7/79

USA Federal Plaque, 56 cars built Andretti signature